Department of Diagnostic methods in Naturopathy

The Naturopathy system uses three major tools for diagnosing a disease; facial diagnosis, iris diagnosis and modern diagnostic techniques. The department of Modern diagnostic methods is handled by well experienced doctors with clinical exposure to both naturopathy medicine and diagnostic methods. An important aspect of naturopathic clinical practice is the use of diagnostic techniques to ascertain the patient’s state of health or disease. The students are taught with both theoretical and practical orientation. Naturopathy uses both conventional medical diagnostic techniques involving clinical examination and pathology testing and clinical examination, but also uses a combination of several other modalities such encumbrance based physical examination, dietary assessment and other pathology testing techniques. The Patients presentations within are procured with a proper diagnostic flow from an elaborate case history and physical examination to a differential diagnosis. An awareness of different types of pathology that may lead to particular signs and symptoms will assist the naturopath to narrow down the list of possibilities and select the most likely hypothesis.

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